Internet of things (IOT) system for retrieving lost campus card

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A system combining offline Internet of things equipment and online cloud platform based on RFID, Internet of things and cloud service technology is designed for retrieving lost campus card.

The implementation process is shown in Figure 1-1:

Figure 1-1: The implementation process
  • Step 1: when someone (card picker) picks up the campus card lost by others, they can find the storage device nearby. After the campus card is close to the RFID module, the cabinet door of the storage device will open automatically, and the card picker will put the campus card in it;

  • Step 2: The MCU unit in the storage device sends the location of the storage cabinet and the campus card information to the server through the GPRS module. The server transmits the received data to the network platform, and sends the verification code and the location information to the person who has lost the campus card

  • Step 3: according to the push information, the person who lost the campus card will go to the designated location and enter the verification code to get the card.

2.Overall composition

The overall composition of the Internet of things system includes: electronic tag, RFID module, GPRS, ARM MCU, storage device, cloud server, etc., as shown in Figure 2-1:

Figure 2-1: The overall composition

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First prize of National University Students' Intelligent Internet Innovation Contest


Patent for Utility Model
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Wei Xu
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